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Welcoming Indigenous Leaders to the IESO's 7th First Nations Energy Symposium

November 9, 2023

This week, Indigenous leaders and community members from across the province attended the IESO’s annual First Nations Energy Symposium to discuss the crucial role of Indigenous Nations in Ontario’s energy transition. Among the keynote speakers was Ontario Regional Chief Glen Hare, who provided his view on the critical need to involve Indigenous communities in our common energy future.

Thanks to everyone for making the journey to the Symposium to share their stories, experiences and perspectives. Underlying every conversation was a recognition of the need for truth and reconciliation. Indigenous involvement in the electricity sector creates economic growth, builds strong communities and ensures energy projects are developed in an environmentally responsible way.

The IESO is setting a new course for strengthening and building enduring relationships with Indigenous Nations. We are looking forward to integrating the feedback we received to ensure Indigenous rights are respected, our conversations are honest and meaningful and that Indigenous voices are included in energy projects and discussions.

We are committed to working alongside Indigenous Nations on the path of reconciliation as we build an electricity system that will support current and future generations.

Finally, the IESO also thanks this year’s sponsors for helping to make the event possible: Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power, Five Nations Energy, Toronto Hydro, Elexicon, Enbridge, Alectra Utilities, and the Electricity Distributors Association.

For some photos from the event, visit the IESO’s LinkedIn page.

Image Credit: Thunder Women, courtesy of Adrienne Assinewai, owner of RavenStar Studio. All rights reserved.

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