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Hydrogen Innovation Fund Recipients Announced

October 12, 2023

Today, six projects that will receive support from the IESO’s Hydrogen Innovation Fund were announced. These projects will explore how hydrogen can support the electricity grid and other sectors.

As Ontario explores pathways to achieve a low-carbon energy future, one of the fuels that shows considerable promise is hydrogen. In January 2023, the Ministry of Energy instructed the IESO to develop a Hydrogen Innovation Fund with the goal to investigate, evaluate and demonstrate how low-carbon hydrogen technologies can be successfully integrated into Ontario’s electricity system.

Over the next three years, the successful projects will be researching and testing hydrogen, including the viability of hydrogen to provide grid services and the ability of Ontario’s electricity system to support the development of a hydrogen economy.

For more information about the recipients announced today, please see the Ministry of Energy’s news release.

To learn more about hydrogen and Ontario’s electricity system, visit the IESO’s website.

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