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Smart Metering Charge Rebate for 2022

September 14, 2023

Electricity distributors will receive a rebate reflecting the amounts from the operating surplus of the Smart Metering Entity for the year 2022. The total amount of this rebate is $7.83 million across all Local Distribution Companies (LDCs). This disbursement will be split based on the number of smart meters installed by each LDC.

The rebate will be included on the August 31 preliminary settlement statement and August 2023 invoice, which will both be issued on September 15. The rebate will be reflected under charge type 9980 ‘Smart Metering Charge’.

The Smart Metering Charge is levied and collected by the IESO from all LDCs identified in the latest Ontario Energy Board’s annual ‘Yearbook of Electricity Distributors’, effective January 1. This charge represents the approved rate per month for residential and general service (<50 kW) customers, is applied monthly and includes the charges for the month.

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