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2023 Capacity Auction Pre-Auction Report and Qualification

August 24, 2023

The first capacity qualification request submission window will open for the 2023 Capacity Auction on August 31, 2023 and the pre-auction report will be published to the IESO Reports Site.

This marks the first time that Capacity Auction participants will have their resources’ capacity qualified to determine an unforced capacity (UCAP) amount that can be offered into the auction. The capacity qualification process is one of the enhancements that has been implemented following an extensive design and stakeholder engagement effort that concluded earlier this year.

Participants can submit and revise capacity qualification requests through the Online IESO platform during the qualification request submission window (August 31 to September 29, 2023). Once the window closes, the IESO will evaluate the requests and determine a UCAP value based on each resource’s submitted installed capacity and availability de-rating factor. Further details on how to complete major participation milestones can be found in the Capacity Auction Timelines document and Quick Takes guide.

This year’s auction will target 1,400 MW for the summer 2024 obligation period and 850 MW for the winter 2024/25 obligation period. These capacity targets and other key auction parameters will be published next week in the pre-auction report on the IESO Reports Site.

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