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The IESO Welcomes Two New Members to its Board of Directors

July 20, 2023

The Minister of Energy has appointed two new members to the IESO’s Board of Directors: Marni Dicker and Fiona Oliver-Glasford.

Marni is currently the Executive Vice-President of Infrastructure and Chief Legal Officer for the Canadian Premier League, where she spearheads infrastructure development that is critical to the continued growth of the Canadian soccer eco-system. Throughout her career, Marni has specialized in large-scale infrastructure projects and has honed her expertise in governance, leadership and direction through her extensive work on multiple boards.

Fiona is Chief Operating Officer for ClearBlue Markets, which provides advisory and market analysis services for businesses and organizations participating in compliance and voluntary carbon markets. Fiona has held numerous roles within the energy efficiency and demand management sectors and has specialized at the intersection of energy and climate for more than 20 years.

The IESO is looking forward to working with Marni and Fiona to navigate Ontario’s ongoing electricity sector transformation. For their full bios, and for more information about the IESO’s current board members, visit the Board of Directors webpage.

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