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Interruptible Rate Pilot Underway

July 6, 2023

The Interruptible Rate Pilot is now underway, with participating large electricity customers testing a new option to better manage their energy use and lower their electricity costs.

Through the pilot, participants can avoid the extra costs associated with energy use during peak hours in exchange for agreeing to temporarily lower their demand, as directed by the IESO, during high demand periods.

The pilot will provide an opportunity to test a new load flexibility tool that could open new rate design and policy opportunities while contributing to cost savings for all Ontario ratepayers.

The IESO is developing a plan to design and implement an interruptible rate pilot that is focused for load facilities where electrolyzer-based hydrogen is produced. To support development of the plan, the IESO is seeking to engage with developers of hydrogen production facilities in Ontario. 

For more information visit the Hydrogen Interruptible Rate Pilot webpage.

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