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Strategic Advisory Committee: Name Change, Membership Update, August 2 Public Meeting

June 15, 2023

The IESO and Stakeholder Advisory Committee will be implementing a change to the committee’s name from the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to the Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) effective immediately. This change is being made to be more inclusive of the IESO’s sector partners and to reflect their increasing diversity. Moving forward, this change to the committee’s name will be updated in the SAC Terms of Reference and reflected in all Committee materials.

Membership Update

The IESO recently opened a call for nominations to fill vacancies on SAC and appreciates the interest shown across the sector. After careful consideration and evaluation of the current needs of the committee, our Board of Directors has resolved that the following members are appointed to serve on the IESO Strategic Advisory Committee to represent their respective constituency for a two-year term, effective July 1, 2023.

  • John Avdoulos - President and Chief Executive Officer at Essex Power (Representing Transmitters and Distributors)
  • Pat Chilton - Chief Executive Officer of Five Nations Energy Inc. (Representing Transmitters and Distributors)
  • Gurvinder Chopra - Vice-President, Standards and Regulation at Electro-Federation Canada (Representing Energy Related Business and Services)
  • Kim Lauritsen - Senior Vice-President of Ontario Power Generation (Representing Generators)

Please also be informed that Brandy Giannetta has resigned from the committee and subsequently as Vice-Chair. Ms. Giannetta was appointed to SAC in May of 2017 to represent the Generators constituency and made important contributions to the work of the committee during her tenure. On behalf of the IESO we would like to extend our sincerest thanks for her leadership and many years of service to the committee.

Next Public Meeting – August 2

The next SAC public meeting will take place on August 2, and the agenda and materials will be posted on the SAC webpage closer to the meeting date.

To register for the meeting, please email

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