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New and Enhanced Incentives with Save on Energy

May 25, 2023

Energy efficiency is a critical resource for maintaining a reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity system in Ontario. This spring, the IESO is launching new and enhanced Save on Energy programs – which when added to existing programs – will deliver 725 MW of peak demand savings and reduce overall energy consumption by 3.8 TWh by 2025.

Retrofit Custom offers incentives for custom energy efficiency projects through the Retrofit program that will cover up to 50 per cent of the cost of approved projects, allowing businesses to install energy-saving equipment that best meet their specific needs. Businesses can now receive an incentive based on overall energy savings rather than set rebates for pre-approved equipment options.  

Retrofit for Greenhouses is available for commonly used lighting, controls and other equipment used by Ontario’s greenhouse sector to help manage agricultural electricity demand, which in the southwest is expected to grow from roughly 500 MW today to about 2,000 MW by 2035. For more information, visit Retrofit for Greenhouses.

Local Initiatives Program offers double incentives for local Retrofit projects, with the exception of lighting, in areas of the province where the transmission grid is congested: Niagara Region, Kingston, South Huron Perth, Pembroke and Kenora. These adders are available between April 3 and Oct. 3, 2023, with additional target areas to be announced summer 2023.

Peak Perks is a new residential demand response program that offers $75 incentives to eligible residential consumers with smart thermostats connected to central air conditioning to reduce their electricity use during summer peak demand. When needed, participants’ thermostats will automatically be adjusted by two to four degrees Celsius up to maximum of ten times between July and September. Participants will be notified when these adjustments take place and can opt out at any time. Program launch is expected in June in time for summer. To register for program updates, visit

For more information on all new and expanded energy-efficiency programs, visit the IESO’s Save on Energy website.

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