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Retrofit Regional Adders Introduced

April 6, 2023

As part of the Save on Energy Local Initiatives Program, the IESO has introduced Retrofit regional adders in some areas of the province where electricity constraints exist. A Retrofit regional adder is an additional incentive layered on to the existing Retrofit program incentive available to business customers to undertake energy-efficiency upgrades.

The purpose of these adders is to encourage further uptake in the Retrofit program to assist in reducing demand for the transmission assets in these constrained areas. The target areas were selected in consultation with the IESO’s system planners and include regions that have been identified as electricity-constrained through the regional planning process.

Retrofit regional adders are currently available for prescriptive non-lighting measures in the Niagara Region, Kingston area, Southern Huron Perth, Pembroke area and Kenora.

For more information, please see the Local Initiatives Program web page.

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