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2023-2025 Business Plan Positions IESO to Deliver on Future Needs

March 23, 2023

Ontario is moving forward with the transition to a decarbonized grid and broader economy, and demand for electricity on the rise. To ensure system reliability while supporting cost effectiveness, the IESO needs to optimize its workforce and the structures and processes that support it.

The IESO’s 2023-2025 Business Plan positions the organization well to deliver the reliable, resilient and efficient grid and market on which Ontarians rely. The plan reflects the IESO’s refreshed corporate strategy, identifying a series of concrete steps that will allow it to deliver on future needs and maintain critical responsibilities.

The IESO has held its revenue requirement below inflation for the previous five years, and is committed to finding efficiencies and pursuing the most economical solutions. These include introducing more competition, enabling more resources to participate in the market, and using more flexible procurements to meet changing system needs.

The Minister of Energy has approved the IESO’s 2023-2025 Business Plan, including a proposed revenue requirement increase for all three years. The IESO will now submit the plan to the Ontario Energy Board as part of its rate filing.

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