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Technical Panel Market Rule Amendment Determinations

February 23, 2023

The Technical Panel unanimously voted to recommend two market rule amendment proposals to the IESO Board at the February 21 meeting – Enabling the Co-Located Hybrid Model (MR-00474-R00) and Replacement of the IESO Settlement System: New Implementation Date (MR-00475-R00). 

In addition, the Technical Panel is requesting feedback on market rule amendment proposals: MR-00457-R00 to R03, MR-00461-R03 – Market Renewal Program – Interim Alignment. 

These proposals:

  • Amend the market rules to simplify the structure of the participant authorization rules
  • Further integrate definitions related to price responsive loads and definitions related to load
  • Integrate electricity storage resources into previous MRP amendments
  • Further integrate the new defined term ‘resource’ into the market rules
  • Amend defined terms

Stakeholders can email their comments to by March 3. The amendment proposals are posted on the proposed market rule amendment web page.

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