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Northwest Ontario Electricity Plan Posted

January 19, 2023

An Integrated Regional Resource Plan for the Northwest (IIRP) that considers electricity demand and supply conditions over the next 20 years, is now online. With transmission reinforcements already underway in this region, the infrastructure in the Northwest will be generally adequate to support forecast growth except for some station capacity and local operational needs. These needs are addressed by the IRRP recommendations summarized in Section 2.1 of the report including:

  • Consideration of non-wires alternatives in Kenora as a cost-effective solution to support future capacity needs
  • Addressing local capacity and reliability needs identified for Fort Frances MTS, Crilly DS and Margach DS
  • Updated operations measures and equipment at Pickle Lake Substation to manage high voltages

The IRRP also studied several high-growth sensitivities most notably the area north of Dryden and Fort Frances. These studies will help inform ongoing monitoring to determine when future planning activities should be triggered.

Additional details about study scope, engagement and the Northwest planning region are available in the full report.

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