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New Registration Timeline Guide

January 5, 2023

To provide market participants with more certainty, and enhance the reliability and efficiency of the registration process for new or modified facilities to the IESO-controlled grid, the IESO is introducing a Market Registration Timelines Guide that outlines the minimum amount of time associated with the registration of various change types.

This registration timeline information was previously circulated as part of the stakeholder engagement webinar in October 2022. While the underlying registration process remains unchanged, providing clarity on the minimum lead times required for various changes to come into service will help resource owners make informed decisions regarding their project plans.

The draft document will be posted on the IESO’s Pending Changes-Documents web page on January 11, 2023. Comments on the Market Registration Timelines Guide can be sent to by January 25, 2023. The new guide will be published via Baseline 49.0 on March 1, 2023.

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