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Electricity Bulk Planning Study Released for East Ontario

December 8, 2022

A new bulk electricity planning study for the Gatineau transmission corridor in Eastern Ontario has been posted. The study examined the transmission equipment reaching end-of-life, assessed the scope of refurbishment for that equipment and looked at broader reliability needs in the area. The Gatineau transmission corridor is 300 kilometres long and stretches between the Greater Toronto Area East and Ottawa and passes through Peterborough.

Informed by technical studies and engagement, recommendations were made with the study to address the transmission equipment end-of-life needs and accommodate the demand forecast for the Ottawa and the Peterborough to Quinte West areas over the long term, including:

  • Refurbish all 800 km of 230 kV circuits on the Gatineau Corridor identified as nearing end-of-life 
  • Build a new double circuit 230 kV transmission line into Dobbin TS (in Peterborough) from either Cherrywood TS (in Pickering) or Clarington TS (in Oshawa) with a planned in-service of 2029 
  • Pursue up to 230 MW of additional system cost-effective energy efficiency in the Ottawa area through province-wide and Local Initiative Programs over the 20-year planning horizon, while monitoring demand growth and resource acquisition activities in the Ottawa zone 
  • Update and expand the use of remedial action schemes (RAS) in the Peterborough and Ottawa areas to meet planning standards and further improve both areas’ load-meeting capacity 

Visit the East Ontario Bulk Electricity Planning engagement web page for details about the engagement sessions, the input received as well as the IESO’s responses to feedback about how input was considered in the study’s final recommendations.

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