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New Streamlined Approval Process for Market Participants

October 27, 2022

The IESO is streamlining the approval process for market participants willing to provide operating reserve (OR) into the IESO-Administered Markets from existing, already registered facilities. Currently, any participant that plans on providing OR using existing facilities must go through the Connection Assessments and Approval (CAA) process and obtain a System Impact Assessment (SIA).

The streamlined process will eliminate the need to obtain an OR-related SIA for existing facilities, however all OR providers must continue to meet the performance requirements stipulated in the existing market rules. Once these performance requirements are met and testing is complete, participants will receive approval to provide OR directly through the IESO Market Registration via a Registration Approval Notification (RAN). 

All OR requirements for existing participants will be summarized in the next revision of Market Manual 1.5. The changes will go through the March 1 Baseline 49.0 process for feedback. In the interim, participants will still need to apply for an SIA.

New or modified facilities still need to go through the CAA process should they meet the criteria in Sections 1 and/or 9.2 of Market Manual 1.4. In doing so, please make it known if the facility intends to participate in the OR market.  Please send any questions or concerns to

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