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Minister Asks the IESO to Design an Interruptible Rate Pilot

September 8, 2022

The Minister of Energy has asked the IESO to work with the Ministry to design a three-year pilot program that would help provide large customers directly connected to the transmission system with an interruptible rate during peak demand periods. The pilot is expected to commence on July 1, 2023, and it will be designed to support system reliability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help pilot participants manage their electricity usage and lower costs. Some hydrogen producers would also be eligible to participate.

The IESO will consider and seek customer input on several pricing design options for the pilot and strive for simplicity to ensure financial settlement is as straightforward as possible. The IESO will also consider and seek customer input on how an interruptible rate could support the province’s Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy, how customers could smoothly transition between the pilot and the Industrial Conservation Initiative, as well as how the pilot should be designed bearing in mind the potential for a permanent program.

To learn more about the consultation process for this pilot please visit the Interruptible Rate Pilot engagement web page.

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