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Updated Assumptions for Pathways to Decarbonization Study Posted

July 14, 2022

The updated technical and policy assumptions that will form the basis for the IESO’s upcoming Pathways to Decarbonization study will be posted by Monday July 18. The study will explore possible scenarios to achieve reliable and affordable decarbonization of Ontario’s electricity grid, examining the potential for increasing Ontario’s non-emitting resources over the years to come, and detailing how the system could reliably support growing electrification across Ontario.

Study planners received a broad range of useful input, and as always, the IESO appreciates the perspectives and contributions of sector partners and the valuable role they are playing in shaping this analysis. Full details of the feedback received and the IESO’s response have been captured in the Stakeholder Feedback and IESO Response document and the Study Assumptions document. The IESO is now in the process of setting up and running its system models, with modelling and analysis to continue through to the late summer and early fall.

The Final Study Assumptions documents will be posted on the IESO website.

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