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Ontario's Electricity System Prepared for Summer

July 7, 2022

While warmer and drier weather, increased energy use and ongoing nuclear refurbishments will result in tighter overall system conditions, the IESO has worked with generators and other suppliers to ensure that the system is prepared for this summer.

“Economic growth, hybrid work policies and electrification are driving up demand for energy, which will be more pronounced in the summer as air conditioning use ramps up,” said Leonard Kula, the IESO’s Vice-President of Markets and Reliability and Chief Operating Officer. "Ontario has adequate energy supplies to meet this demand and we have taken steps to prepare the system for protracted heatwaves and other weather impacts that could arise.”

While stronger hydroelectric output from spring rains has helped improve the supply forecast, ongoing nuclear refurbishments and increasing demand means that system conditions will be tighter than in previous years. As a result, some planned generator maintenance outages will be rescheduled and there may also be an increased reliance on imports from neighbouring jurisdictions to maintain reliability when temperatures rise above 40°C on the humidex.

Energy conservation efforts will also continue to play an important role. Businesses that participate in the Industrial Conservation Initiative are anticipated to reduce their peak energy use on hot days by at least 1,200 megawatts, roughly enough energy to power a city the size of Ottawa.

Read more about the summer outlook on the IESO website.


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