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May Stakeholder Engagement Meeting - Agenda Posted

May 5, 2022

The agenda for the May stakeholder engagement meeting is now available and registration is open. There will be one session for May, focused on the Long-Term RFP. During this engagement, the IESO will discuss the feedback received on the LT1 RFQ and how it was incorporated into the final document. There will also be discussion about the design of the LT1 RFP and the expedited procurement mechanism, focusing on contract design considerations, the deliverability assessment process, and an overview of mandatory requirements and rated criteria. Information will also be provided on the Forward Capacity Auction and same technology expansions.

Interested participants can register now by clicking “register” on the engagement web page or on the agenda. In addition, please note that recordings and presentations from the April engagement meetings are now available. Please contact with any questions.

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