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Information Session on Annual Acquisition Report

April 7, 2022

An information session on the IESO’s 2022 Annual Acquisition Report (AAR) posted earlier this week, will be held tomorrow, April 8. The report describes Ontario’s electricity supply needs for the next 10 years and the existing and proposed solutions identified to meet them.

The electricity sector is undergoing a period of significant transformation, including an ongoing focus on electrification and rapid economic growth in a number of sectors. Demand is projected to rise for the foreseeable future, and this year’s report outlines actions the IESO plans to take to address electricity supply needs that emerge in 2025 and 2026, and continue to grow in the late 2020s and onward.

Mid-decade needs will require solutions beyond those already in place. The report discusses a number of options within the Resource Adequacy Framework, and introduces certain additional processes for securing this additional supply. 

After 2026 the province’s need for additional resources will continue to grow. Building new facilities and expanding existing ones will require longer commitments, and the IESO is currently engaging with stakeholders on the first Long-Term RFP, with a focus on ensuring new investment in the province.   

The IESO’s framework for securing an adequate energy supply is designed to respond to change, and the AAR is part of an iterative planning process that allows us to adapt through a flexible and cost-effective approach.

The initial information session on April 8 will explain the report’s key takeaways and the options for meeting near-term needs, highlighting opportunities for sector participants, municipalities and Indigenous communities to participate. Registration is now open for this engagement and a Q&A session will follow during April’s Stakeholder Engagement days.

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