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Industrial Conservation Initiative Update

April 21, 2022

Starting with the May 1, 2022 base period, peak hours (as defined in O. Reg. 429/04) will be determined based on Ontario Demand values and the IESO’s Peak Tracker web page will be updated to reflect this change. 

This change will allow ICI participants to make more timely business decisions regarding the operation of their facilities, and to better respond to IESO system needs during times of high system demand. In 2021, the ICI program provided 1,200 MW of demand response during high-demand periods, reducing overall system costs.

ICI Ontario Demand peak hours and associated values will be published within 60 minutes following the end of the trade hour and are finalized by the end of three business days. Note that participants’ Peak Demand Factors will continue to be determined by the coincident adjusted Allocated Quantity of Energy Withdrawn (AQEW) during the ICI Ontario Demand peak hours.

A webinar will be held for Class A customers on May 3 at 2:00 p.m. to explain how to prepare for these changes. Registration is now open and more details about the webinar will follow.

Revisions will be made to the IESO Peak Tracker web page, and a new ICI Ontario Demand report will be made available. An Interim Market Document Change (IMDC-78): Physical Markets Settlement Statements will be posted next week to reflect the changes to settlements processes as a result of Ontario Regulation 429/04.

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