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New Call for Nominations to Stakeholder Advisory Committee

March 17, 2022

A new call for Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) nominations is being initiated today to find a member to represent the Ontario communities’ constituency, specifically targeting a municipal representative. Municipalities are at the forefront of our changing electricity sector particularly as local energy solutions, climate change and innovative technologies continue to emerge in public discussions. Examples of representatives in this constituency might include elected municipal officials, municipal staff, and other active members of the municipal landscape.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, April 14. Please submit nominations on behalf of yourself or another individual and include knowledge about both Ontario’s electricity sector and the constituency they represent, along with the nominee’s resume to

The SAC gives senior stakeholder and community representatives the opportunity to provide policy-level advice and recommendations directly to the IESO Board of Directors and executives on matters relating to the IESO’s mandate and other matters that may be of concern to stakeholders and the general public. Members of the SAC are appointed by the IESO Board of Directors and serve a two-year term. 

The SAC Terms of Reference sets out the qualifications and expectations of SAC members and is available on the SAC Membership web page.

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