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April Stakeholder Engagement Meetings – Agenda Posted

March 31, 2022

The agenda for the April 20-22 stakeholder engagement meetings is now available, and registration is open. The April engagement meetings will include:

Long-Term RFP (including Annual Acquisition Report): The IESO will discuss the LT1 RFP design considerations including revenue streams, Indigenous community outreach, rated criteria, draft RFQ feedback, and timelines/next steps. The presentation will also cover supplementary procurement mechanisms for 2025/26 as identified in the 2022 AAR.

Hydroelectric Program Development & Assessment - Small Hydro: Inform stakeholders on recent activities and feedback about the design of a new program involving re-contracting small hydro facilities as part of the Resource Adequacy Framework.

Market Renewal Program: Implementation Engagement: provide stakeholders with background and information regarding Economic Operating Point.

Clean Energy Credits (CEC): Overview of stakeholder feedback received to date and discussion of CEC registry functionality, and CEC product offering options.

Hybrid Integration Project: Discuss stakeholder feedback received following the February engagement session, formalize the design work and introduce the Enhance Model research study work.

2021-2024 Conservation and Demand Management Framework - Mid-Term Review: Inform stakeholders of the MTR process and approach and seek input on CDM trends, program gaps and opportunities.

Attendees can participate in any or all sessions, and registration is open. Click “register” on the associated engagement web pages or on the agenda. In addition, please note that recordings and presentations from the March engagement meetings are now available. Please contact with any questions. 

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