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Capacity Auction Results Reinforce the Value of Flexibility

December 9, 2021

Through a competitive auction process, the IESO has once again secured capacity from a diverse range of resources. These include industrial and commercial consumers providing demand response, imports, generation and energy storage. In the most recent capacity auction (held December 1-2), 1,286.7 megawatts (MW) cleared for the 2022 summer obligation period, with another 841.9 MW cleared for the winter of 2022-2023.

Capacity auctions are one of the key elements of the Resource Adequacy Framework, enabling the IESO to respond to changing system needs efficiently and transparently. By relying on procurements with short-term commitments to address needs that fluctuate from year to year, the auction can ensure needs are met in the most flexible and cost-effective manner, without locking into longer term commitments.

The full list of capacity providers is available on the IESO website.

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