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York Region Local Electricity Market Year Two

October 28, 2021

After helping reduce electricity demand during heat waves this past summer, a new round of local energy resources will participate in year two of the IESO’s York Region local electricity market, delivered by Alectra Utilities. This project is proving how local solutions can help meet local energy needs, deferring more costly transmission and generation infrastructure, while also coordinating with the IESO’s provincial grid operations. 

The pilot was expanded this year to allow participants to provide reserve service, stepping up on short notice to help manage unexpected changes in electricity supply and demand. Also new this year: businesses with battery storage are participating through an aggregator, demonstrating how energy storage can help serve a customer’s needs while also creating a source of revenue by providing services to the grid.  

Participants competed in an auction to be selected. A total of 15 MW of capacity was procured with a clearing price of $0.40/kW-day, lower than last year ($0.64/kW-day). 

A list of the winning participants can be found on the IESO website.

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