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May Stakeholder Engagement Meetings – Materials Posted

May 13, 2021

The agenda for the May 27-28 stakeholder engagement meetings has been posted, and registration is open. Materials for the MRP Implementation and Improving Accessibility of Operating Reserve meetings have been posted and materials for the remainder of the meetings will be made available early next week. 

The May engagement meetings include:

Gas Phase-Out Impact Assessment: an overview of the current role that natural gas generation plays in Ontario, a discussion of the proposed approach to assessing the reliability, cost, operability and timing issues that would need to be addressed should a phase-out of natural gas be considered, and an opportunity for stakeholder feedback on the scope of the assessment.

MRP Implementation: an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions and provide feedback on the Independent Review Process for Market Power Mitigation.

Engagement Feedback Session: an opportunity for stakeholders to provide input around current engagement activities and practices and their future engagement priorities. Questions will be circulated to facilitate discussion.

Resource Adequacy: a discussion on transition to the use of qualified capacity/UCAP for the Capacity Auction, presentation of initial thoughts on establishing a minimum target capacity, and opportunity for stakeholder input on considerations.

Improving Accessibility of Operating Reserve: an update on the status of the proposals to address the issue of inaccessible operating reserve and opportunity for stakeholder feedback on draft market rules and manuals.

All are welcome to participate in any or all sessions, and pre-registration is recommended. Please contact with any questions. 




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