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New Engagement: Gas Phase-Out Impact Assessment

April 29, 2021

The future of gas generation in Ontario has become a focus of discussion for a number of municipalities, raising questions and concerns from stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities these discussions have raised. The IESO is launching a new engagement to inform future discussion about the implications of a phase out of natural gas generation in Ontario through the development of a whitepaper.

This whitepaper will outline the current role natural gas plays in maintaining a reliable electricity supply across Ontario as well as provide an assessment on the reliability, cost, operability and timing issues that would need to be addressed should the phase out of natural gas be considered. Stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the scope of the assessment.

This engagement will be discussed during the May engagement meetings. More information on this engagement, including the draft engagement plan is available on the IESO website. Please email to be added to the email list for communications related to this engagement.

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