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New Engagement - Improving Awareness of System Operating Conditions

March 4, 2021

System operating conditions are communicated throughout each day to stakeholders who use this information to plan and prepare their interactions with the market. This engagement will review what the IESO communicates to stakeholders through advisory and operating state notices with the goal being to improve awareness of system operating conditions.

This engagement will be delivered in two phases. Phase one will be brief and will focus on two new advisory notices that could be communicated by the IESO. Phase two will be more in depth as it will require market rule and market manual amendments in order to revise the advisory notice framework and add new operating state(s). These revisions will provide greater clarity on situational awareness when market participant actions may be needed.

The first session for this engagement will take place on March 23 as part of this month’s stakeholder engagement meetings.  More information on this engagement is available on the IESO website. The engagement plan will be posted shortly. Please email to be added to the email list for communications related to this engagement.

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