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Launch of Corporate Indigenous Policy

October 8, 2020

As part of its ongoing efforts to build capacity within Indigenous communities and organizations in Ontario, the IESO has adopted a Corporate Indigenous Policy. The policy affirms the work the IESO has already been doing with Indigenous communities and commits to doing more. This new policy includes four priority areas of focus:

  • Opportunities for Indigenous businesses, to ensure fair and equitable access
  • Opportunities for Indigenous youth, through post-secondary co-op programs, awards and internships
  • Opportunities for Indigenous communities, through targeted programs that recognize the unique challenges facing First Nations and Métis communities
  • Awareness building and skills development within the IESO, to enable employees to work effectively with and be allies to First Nations and Métis communities

The IESO recognizes that Indigenous people in Ontario often face systemic barriers to participation in the electricity sector. This new policy acknowledges these realities – and identifies specific actions the organization is prepared to take to address them. When fully implemented, the new policy will support skills development and capacity building, and increase the participation of Indigenous people in Ontario’s electricity sector. For additional information, please visit the IESO web site or send an email to

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