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IESO Planning Processes

October 29, 2020

The IESO is dedicating the morning of November 18 to engaging with stakeholders on IESO Planning Processes. The session will begin with opening remarks from Leonard Kula, COO and VP of Planning, Acquisition and Operations, who will share early insights into the Annual Planning Outlook and discuss the work underway at the provincial and community level to meet future electricity needs cost-effectively, including through the Resource Adequacy engagement, Market Renewal, distributed energy resources, and conservation. The rest of the morning will include an overview on IESO’s role in planning, and how various planning processes interact and intersect.

The sessions will delve into three components of IESO Planning Processes:

  1. An overview of bulk and regional planning processes
  2. A discussion on the bulk planning projects currently underway
  3. An overview of regional planning activities, as well as of the purpose and scope of community engagement as it relates to helping identify local needs and priorities to inform regional planning, the role of DERs, etc.

Stakeholders are encouraged to pre-register for the session. Contact with any questions

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