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Final Market Renewal Program detailed design document posted

October 1, 2020

As part of the Market Renewal Program’s (MRP) energy stream, the IESO has published the Pre-Dispatch Calculation Engine draft detailed design document for stakeholder review. This release marks an important milestone as it represents the final posting in the series of 13 detailed design documents.


A feedback form for this design document has been posted for stakeholders to download and submit to by December 2. To support the review of this document, the IESO will answer any content-related questions at the MRP session during the October stakeholder engagement days.


Stakeholders have the opportunity to provide feedback related to the previous detailed design documents as a result of the three most recent calculation engine documents by December 2.


The IESO would like to thank stakeholders for being an important partner in participating in the MRP detailed design phase and appreciate their continued support and advice to deliver the IESO’s most transformative project to date.


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