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Ontario’s electricity system is ready for summer

July 2, 2020

Electricity demand is starting to ramp up as businesses re-start their operations and Ontarians turn on their air conditioners to combat the heat. Although the situation remains fluid, Ontario’s electricity system has adequate supply to help manage demand amid ongoing uncertainty from COVID-19.

Given the IESO’s role as Ontario’s power system integrator, conversations with generators, transmitters, distributors, large customers and other stakeholders are ongoing. These discussions are critical to understanding the emerging energy landscape, and will help ensure we are collectively prepared to adapt to the “new normal.”

Through electricity market mechanisms as well as the province’s diverse supply mix, the IESO has a broad range of tools to manage the system and support reliability and cost-effectiveness during heat waves like we are seeing this week.

The IESO’s Reliability Outlook for July 2020 to December 2021 was released this week and is now available online. COO and VP of Planning, Acquisition and Operations, Leonard Kula, also shared his thoughts on LinkedIn.

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