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Update on Technical Panel determinations

June 27, 2019

The Technical Panel (TP) is requesting stakeholder review and feedback on proposed market rule amendments to implement a transitional capacity auction. 

The amendments, posted on the proposed market rule amendment webpage, represent an evolution of the demand-response auction into a more competitive capacity acquisition mechanism. Comments on the proposal should be emailed to by July 9. Feedback will be discussed at the August 13 TP meeting.

Additionally, at its June 25 meeting, the TP recommended the approval of a proposed market rule amendment to the disputes resolution process. This proposed amendment – an outcome of the IESO Governance and Decision-Making Advisory Group report which examined ways to improve IESO processes – would provide more flexibility for parties in a dispute to select mediators or arbitrators that are not members of the Dispute Resolution Panel. If passed, the effective date of this amendment would be October 15, 2019. The IESO Board will discuss this proposal at its August 28 meeting.


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