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Update on Energy Storage projects

July 5, 2018

As of May, 2018, seven Phase I energy storage facilities completed commissioning and became operational at various locations around the province. This includes five facilities providing Reactive Support and Voltage Control service, and two facilities providing regulation service. The remaining four Phase I facilities are expected to enter service at various times over the course of the next 18 months. Phase I storage facilities are intended to support the province's efforts to better understand the integration and operation of energy storage in Ontario's electricity system and markets while providing ancillary services.

Phase II complements the approximately 34 MW of grid energy storage procured in the earlier Phase I energy storage program by selecting the remaining quantity of the total 50 MW grid energy storage target and building on the lessons learned in Phase I. At present, two projects have achieved commercial operation and the remaining seven are in development. The IESO anticipates these seven contracts will achieve commercial operation by November 2019. 

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