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Update on Technical Panel determinations

April 19, 2018

The Technical Panel met on April 17 to discuss two proposed market rule amendments.  The first amendment on Regulated Settlement (MR-00434) is now posted for broader stakeholder comment.  The Panel unanimously recommended that the IESO Board of Directors consider the second proposed rule amendment on Station Service (MR-004354) when it meets on June 13. 

  • MR-00434: Regulated Settlement – Deletion of Rural and Remote Settlement and Debt Retirement Charge

The IESO proposes amendments to the market rules to ensure consistency with respect to regulated settlement.  Regulated settlement is the determining, collecting and remitting of applicable settlement amounts in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Electricity Act, 1998; the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998; and any related regulations. The proposed amendments will delete market rule references to rural and remote settlement and the associated debt retirement charge since these charges can be settled under Section 1.2.1 of Chapter 9, consistent with other regulated settlement charges.

In addition, the IESO proposes further amendments to the market rules to clarify that applicable law other than the Electricity Act, 1998 and Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 may impose financial obligations.

Stakeholders are asked to provide comments by May 3 on the related market rule amendment proposal.  Comments can be sent to

  • MR-00435: Station Service Obligations

This proposal identifies the need for market rule amendments to remove the obligation for registered market participants to identify and provide station service estimates and place the obligation on the market participant responsible for registering the relevant facility, consistent with the intent of placing this obligation on the owner of the facility. This change will ensure that the market participant responsible for registering the relevant facility, which is the owner of the facility, is obligated to comply with the station service provisions in section 2.1A of Chapter 9. 

The recommended effective date of this amendment is expected to take effect in September with the implementation of required market manual changes.  The IESO will confirm the effective date in a future notice to all market participants.

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