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Market Renewal Roundup for April

April 26, 2018

During the month of April, the IESO held a sector-wide conference on the role of non-emitting resources in the future market and facilitated two day-long stakeholder engagement meetings where the market renewal High Level Design document was a topic of discussion.

  • The Non-emitting Resources Subcommittee held its Technical Conference on April 5. Leonard Kula, IESO’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President, Planning, Acquisition and Operations provided the opening remarks for the day. More than 180 sector participants gathered in Toronto to discuss the barriers to entry and the opportunities for non-emitting resources in the renewed electricity marketplace. There was a wide variety of speakers from across the sector, coming from across Canada and the United States. The outcomes from the day will help inform the final report of the Non-emitting Resources Subcommittee. Related materials are posted on the conference webpage.
  • The Market Renewal Working Group met on April 18. At the meeting, members were provided with an update on Market Renewal milestones and timing. Members also offered input into the High Level Design review process. The IESO committed to continuing the discussion on governance issues at the next meeting scheduled for May.
  • The Incremental Capacity Auction (ICA) stakeholder group gathered on April 19. The ICA meeting focused on the proposed plan for creating and sharing the High Level Design document, as well as reviewing the options for establishing how the limitations of the transmission grid will be reflected in auction processes and outcomes.

More information, including an events calendar, as well as links to each of the engagements under Market Renewal, can be found on the Overview of Market Renewal webpage.

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