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IESO Adjustment Account Surplus Disbursement

April 5, 2018

Participants withdrawing energy from the IESO-administered market will see a payment from the IESO Adjustment Account on their March 31 preliminary settlement statement and their March 2018 invoice, both issued on April 16. Funds from the adjustment account will be credited using charge type 9920 'Adjustment Account Credit'.

As approved by the IESO Board of Directors, $12.8 million accumulated in the IESO Adjustment Account will be paid in one lump sum. Market participants will receive their pro-rata share of the total amount of $12.8 million. This share will be based on the total allocated quantity of energy withdrawn (AQEW) for consumers, or the scheduled quantity of energy withdrawn (SQEW) for exporters, over the last six months (October – March).

The IESO’s Adjustment Account was established to receive and disburse payments from penalties, damages, fines and payment adjustments arising from resolved settlement disputes, and to reimburse the IESO for any associated costs or expenses. The IESO annually reviews the allocation of any credit balance (surplus) in the IESO adjustment account. The IESO Board of Directors may direct that some or all of the credit balance be distributed to market participants as a rebate.

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