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Call for membership in IESO Energy Storage Advisory Group

April 5, 2018

The IESO is issuing an open call for interested parties to participate in the Energy Storage Advisory Group (ESAG) to support the IESO in evolving policy, rules, processes and tools to better enable the integration of storage resources in the IESO-administered markets over time. The IESO will look to the advisory group to carry out the following activities:

  • Support the IESO’s work as part of the 2017 LTEP Implementation Plan to identify potential obstacles to fair competition for energy storage resources and propose mitigating strategies, where appropriate. This support includes reviewing a list of identified obstacles for completeness, and reviewing criteria and principles to help guide the identification of obstacles to the fair competition of storage and creation of mitigating strategies. This review will be the immediate focus of the ESAG as the IESO is committed to reporting on the findings of this work in Q3 2018.
  • Provide input into the IESO’s work plan and/or list of priorities to address storage related issues and opportunities within the current IESO-administered markets, including tools and operational arrangements.
  • Advise, consult and coordinate discussions on issues which may affect storage participation in the existing IESO-administered markets.

Interested parties should visit the ESAG engagement webpage for relevant information and materials, including the draft terms of reference for the group, and request membership via email to by April 18. The first meeting is targeted for early May.

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