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Final Conservation Framework: Mid-Term Review Report posted

March 29, 2018

The Final Report for the Conservation Framework: Mid-Term Review engagement, produced by Navigant Consulting, has now been posted. The IESO received significant feedback from a variety of sector stakeholders that informed and shaped the Navigant report. The IESO would like to thank all parties who contributed to this engagement process by participation and feedback.

Feedback from stakeholders indicated general satisfaction with the availability of programs within the Framework and highlighted the value of consistency, flexibility and continuity within these programs as they work towards the targets set for 2020. Themes also emerged on opportunities to improve the design, administration and delivery of the Framework to clarify and enhance customer experience. Feedback on all themes can be found in the report.

This report will inform the IESO’s Mid-Term Review recommendations to the Ministry of Energy that will be delivered by June 1, 2018.

The Conservation Mid-Term Review engagement initiative is now completed. All information on the Mid-Term Review engagement is posted on the engagement webpage.

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