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Market Renewal Roundup for January

January 25, 2018

In response to stakeholder feedback, the IESO is streamlining the stakeholder engagement process for the Single Schedule Market, the Day-Ahead Market and Enhanced Real-Time Unit Commitment initiatives, beginning at the end of January. 

This will mean less frequent meetings but covering more content.  All three stakeholder engagement groups will meet at the same time (over one or two days), which allows for the alignment of discussions of the elements that impact a number of different projects. 

The IESO will bring forward, where appropriate, preliminary decisions earlier in the design development process. This will help focus stakeholder feedback and reduce the number of meetings required to cover the material.

In other market renewal news for January 2018:

The recording of the December 21 webinar about a Request for Information to be issued in February on the role of non-emitting resources in the new electricity marketplace has been posted and is now available.   

Engagement meetings: The Non-emitting Resources Subcommittee met on January 22 while the Incremental Capacity Auction stakeholder group gathered on January 24. The next Single Schedule Market meeting is on January 30.

The Day-Ahead Market and Enhanced Real-time Unit Commitment  stakeholder engagement groups have finished the fundamentals phase of the design development process. The meetings scheduled for January 31 will see these groups discuss preliminary proposals.

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