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Transmission Rights Clearing Account Disbursement

November 30, 2017

Participants withdrawing energy from the IESO-administered market will see a payment from the Transmission Rights Clearing Account disbursement on the November 30 preliminary settlement statement and November 2017 invoice, both issued on December 14. Funds from the clearing account will be credited using charge type 102 'TR Clearing Account Credit'.

The total amount of this disbursement will be $84,135,803.34. Market participants will receive their pro-rata share of the total amount based on the total allocated quantity of energy withdrawn (AQEW) for consumers, or the scheduled quantity of energy withdrawn (SQEW) for exporters, over the last six months (June 2017 – November 2017).

Through the transmission rights market in Ontario, the IESO sells transmission rights through an auction process entitling the owner to a payment if the price of energy in Ontario is different from the price in an intertie zone. The Transmission Rights Clearing Account has a threshold set by the IESO Board and surplus amounts in the account are disbursed over time.

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