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2017 Long-Term Energy Plan now available

October 26, 2017

The Ministry of Energy released its 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) today. The LTEP is an Ontario government energy policy document that is updated every three to four years. The last LTEP was released in 2013.

The IESO informed the development of the LTEP in 2016 with a technical report, the Ontario Planning Outlook (OPO), which included assessments on the adequacy and reliability of electricity resources for capacity, reliability, market and system operations, transmission and distribution. The LTEP concludes that Ontario is well-positioned to meet provincial needs until the mid-2020s, consistent with the findings of the OPO.

The LTEP also references nine initiatives the IESO is being directed to undertake. The IESO will now develop an Implementation Plan to outline the steps to meet the requirements set out in the directive. Stakeholders will be consulted on the engagement scope and timelines for these initiatives to inform the Implementation Plan. More information on this engagement will be available shortly on the engagement section of the IESO website.

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