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Update on IESO Engagements

September 21, 2017

One of IESO’s priorities is to engage with individuals and organizations. This is achieved through a transparent stakeholder engagement process in the form of committees, panels, and working groups. Feedback from these forums is used to inform decisions and is communicated to the broader public in a transparent manner.

The IESO Active Engagements webpage is the primary tool used to communicate the discussions, status and outcomes of engagement initiatives. It contains a general description of all active engagements. A more detailed snapshot of active engagements updated on a monthly basis can be found within the IESO Engagement Update document. The September update includes details on the Conservation Framework Mid-Term Review, Interchange Enhancements and a number of initiatives under the Market Renewal Program.

Information on how stakeholder input was used to make decisions in past engagements can be found on the Completed Engagements webpage.

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