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Reminder of the e-Tag submission deadline

September 14, 2017

The Interchange Enhancements project has implemented the e-Tag Submission Deadline change from T-30 to T-32 on September 13, for Baseline 38.0. The proposal to advance the e-Tag Submission Deadline by 2 minutes was determined through an IESO stakeholder engagement which commenced in late 2016. The purpose of this change was to provide the IESO with sufficient time to assess and mitigate the reliability impact of transaction failures.

 Any e-Tags submitted after T-32 will be considered late by IESO, subject to Market Manual 4.2, Section 2.5.3 ‘e-Tagging’ and may be approved for reliability purposes at IESO’s discretion.

 The Interchange Enhancements project will follow a staggered implementation approach for the other proposed changes, i.e. Introduction of a new e-Tag ID Mandatory Window and Automatic alignment of IESO schedules and e-Tags. These changes are scheduled to take effect in March 2018. The stakeholder presentation from April 2017 provides more detail on the implementation plan and this specific change.

 For more information on this change or other related information, please visit the Interchange Enhancement engagement webpage.  For any questions on this or other engagement initiatives, please email

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