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Increasing consumer participation helping meet peak demand

September 28, 2017

Ontario’s peak demand days typically don’t happen at this time of the year. Yet with hot weather persisting, and in spite of summer’s end last week, the province experienced new annual peaks this week of 21,786 MW on Monday and 21,542 MW on Tuesday.

Generators did their part to help meet the peaks, as well as Ontario’s consumers participating in the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) and other demand response initiatives.

According to preliminary analysis, consumers participating in the ICI are estimated to have reduced peak demand by over 1,500 MW this week.  By reducing demand during peak periods, ICI participants can both reduce their electricity costs while helping to defer the need for investments in new electricity infrastructure that may otherwise be needed.

See the IESO’s Global Adjustment Class A Eligibility to learn more about how the ICI works.

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