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Demand Response Auction Pre-Auction Report now available

September 21, 2017

The IESO’s third annual Demand Response (DR) Auction will be held on Wednesday December 6 for the 2018 Summer and 2018/19 Winter commitment periods. The Pre-Auction report has now been published which provides Demand Response Auction Participants (DRAPs) with important information related to the auction including:

 Key Milestone Dates, including submission of capacity qualification documents, payment of auction deposit, and date of auction

  • Target Capacity
  • Maximum and Minimum Clearing Prices
  • Capacity Limits
  • Zonal Constraints

In order to participate in the upcoming auction, organizations must become authorized as DRAPs. Applications must be submitted before October 11, 2017.  Once authorized, DRAPs can participate in all subsequent auctions. 

 For more information on the Demand Response Auction, please visit the DR Auction webpage.

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