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LDC's continue to make progress towards CFF targets

July 6, 2017

The IESO is working closely with LDCs to meet their Conservation First Framework (CFF) targets and achieve efficiencies in program delivery. Collectively in 2016, LDCs achieved 1.2 TWh of energy savings persisting to 2020. When combined with the 2015 results, LDCs have achieved 2.6 TWh of energy savings, representing 38% of the 7 TWh CFF 2020 target. The results show positive progress towards the achievement of the CFF target and demonstrate the continued collaboration between LDCs and the IESO in promoting a culture of conservation across the province.

The Final Verified 2016 Annual LDC CDM Program Results Reports and Project Lists were made available to LDCs on June 30, 2017 and the reports are now posted on the Conservation section of the IESO’s website.

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