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Update on Technical Panel determinations

June 29, 2017

The Technical Panel met on June 27 and determined that two proposed market rule amendments warrant consideration:

Ancillary Services – Mandatory Requirements for Regulation Service Providers (MR-00432)

This submission identifies the need for market rule amendments to increase the transparency and consistency of performance requirements for all registered facilities providing regulation service. The proposed amendments will clarify that certain performance requirements – off-nominal frequency, speed frequency regulation, and voltage ride through – apply to all regulation service providers, regardless of size or connection location.

Market Rules True-Up – Disconnection Orders (MR-00431)

This submission identifies the need for market rule amendments to explicitly identify the obligation of transmitters, distributors and other market participants to comply with disconnection orders issued by the IESO to give effect to a suspension order, termination order or an IESO ordered de-registration of a market participant’s facilities due to persistent breaches of the market rules. In addition, the submission proposes to amend references to disconnection orders within the grid connection requirements of the market rules in order to create consistency regarding the types of market participants to whom the IESO may issue a disconnection order.

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