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Ontario-Quebec Interconnection Capability - A Technical Review

May 11, 2017

This week the IESO published a report, Ontario-Québec Interconnection Capability: A Technical Review, developed in response to a request from the Deputy Minister of Energy for an updated review of Ontario’s interconnection capability with Québec. Building on the 2014 report, The Review of Ontario Interties, and using updated modeling and analysis, the technical review presents several cases in which expanding the eastern Ontario transmission system could enable Ontario to maximize the firm import capability of the existing tie-lines. Notably, the report identifies relatively modest Ottawa-area improvements to the Ontario system that would facilitate competitive market-based Quebec trade.

While the report was prepared in order to address intertie capabilities, this is only one of several factors in determining whether further energy or capacity transactions would provide value for Ontario consumers. The scope for this report did not include analysis of any commercial aspects.

The IESO is also enhancing Ontario’s electricity markets through the Market Renewal program. A more dynamic market will increase opportunities for trading energy, ancillary services and capacity. Through the Market Renewal program, the IESO is looking at ways to add flexibility to the system by finding new ways to fully utilize the operational flexibility that exists in current assets and through Ontario’s interties. Operability is one of the three main workstreams of the Market Renewal program.

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