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Call for nominations for Data Strategy Advisory Council

April 20, 2017

The IESO is inviting all interested parties to submit a nomination for membership to a new Data Strategy Advisory Council. This Advisory Council has been designed to provide advice to the IESO’s Smart Metering Entity’s (SME) for the development of an implementation plan to provide third party access to the meter data available in the province’s Meter Data Management/Repository (MDM/R). A draft Terms of Reference is available for review and comment. Nominations are due by May 15 and can be submitted to

This initiative builds on the IESO’s recent collaboration efforts through the SME’s Licence Order Working Group to enhance the data within the MDM/R. These enhancements included the establishment of protocols for the collection of additional information including postal codes, distributor and commodity rate classes and occupant change dates. Through the Data Strategy Advisory Council members will have an opportunity to provide input and advice to help guide the continued development and design work of the various elements within the Third Party Access Implementation Plan along with the IESO’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee, the Office of the Information Privacy Commissioner of Ontario and a third party privacy consultant.

Once established, the Advisory Council will help to inform a future engagement approach to provide Ontario’s broader stakeholder community an opportunity for input in the final Implementation Plan.

The Data Strategy Advisory Council will consist of 12 to 15 members with representation within the following five categories:

  • electricity consumers (representing a mix of sectors)
  • local distribution companies (representing different size utilities and different regions);
  • consultants, academia representatives, service providers/delivery agents
  • municipalities representatives
  • IESO Chair (plus staff support and any appointed presenters)

The Advisory Group may also include a limited number of observers with representation from natural gas utilities, industry/customer associations, Ontario Energy Board and/or Ministry of Energy.

Interested parties are invited to submit the following comments and/or applications by email to by May 15:

  • Feedback on draft Terms of Reference for the Data Strategy Advisory Council
  • Request to be considered as a member of the Data Strategy Advisory Council along with a biography and an outline of how qualifications can contribute to the Advisory Council objectives as outlined in the proposed Terms of Reference
  • Request to be considered as a registered observer for Advisory Council meetings

For more information visit the Data Strategy Advisory Council webpage.

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